All About Vic Zhou (Profile and Photo Gallery)

Stage Name: Vic Zhou Yu Min
Birth Name: Zhou Yu Min
Nickname: Zai-Zai
Nationality: Taiwanese
Birthplace: Taiwan
Birthday: June 9, 1981
Star Sign: Gemini
Chinese Horoscope: Rooster
Blood Type: O
Height: 5’10”
Weght: 145 lbs.
Vital Stats: 37-29-36
Collection: Photos and Accessories
Languages Spoken: Chinese, Hokkien
Personality: Gentlemanly, optimistic, shy, joker
Biggest Wish: To be good in everything he does
Dream Girl: Not too pretty but must be filial.
Specialist: Zhuang Sha (Act Blur)
Number of Times in Love: 5 (longest lasted for 1 year)
Desired Country: Canada
Most Ideal Living: Away from the world
Most Unforgettable Experience: When his grandfather passed away
Memorable role: Acting dumb
Dislikes: Being forced to do something he does not like

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Food: Fried chicken chop
Drink: Grenadine Green Tea, Taiwan drinks “Shi Liu Yu Cha”
Colors: Black, grey
Part of Own Body: Thick eyebrows and eyes
Sport: Jogging
Movie: Jurassic Park
Artists: Andy Lau, A-Mei
Musical Instrument: Guitar
Music Style: Electric
Country: Taiwan
Attire: Comfortable and ordinary
Animal: Dog

* Department of Business Administration,Hsing Wu College
* Department of Industrial Management,China University of Technology Chung Kuo Institute of Technology
* Department of Machinery,National LoTung Industrial Vocational High School
* Luodong Junior High School
* Gong Zeng Elementary School.

Fact About Vic Zhou
*Meteor Garden was based from a Japanese manga (comics) “Boys Are Prettier Than Flowers” by Yoko Kamio.

*Vic Zhou was 19 and a Mechanical Engineering student at a Taiwanese Technical Institute when his parents got divorced.

*When Vic was releasing his first solo album, F3 said they wouldn’t attend the event. But in the end they showed up. Vic was moved to the extent that he had tears in his eyes.

*If Vic has a mysterious character on Meteor Garden, off-camera he’s humorous (a personality that he got from his Mother). There are also times when he’s serious (a personality that he’s got from his Father).

*There’s this scene (on Meteor Garden) at Okinawa beach where Vic and Barbie were hugging for quite a while. The director didn’t know that Vic’s eyelids got caught on Barbie’s bra strap. Though Vic was in pain, he just tried to ignore it until the whole scene ended. Barbie together with F3 laughed when Vic told them the whole thing.

*Vic never really thought of auditioning for Meteor Garden. He just helped his friend to audition but the producer caught Vic and thought that he’s the right character that they’ve been looking for. Vic refused at first because he didn’t want his friend to get hurt. In person, Vic is almost like Hua Ze Lei (his role on Meteor Garden). A good person with a good heart, and a loving friend to Shan Cai.

*Vic is the youngest F4 member. He’s the baby of the group =). He’s usually spoiled by the F3. When Vic gets bored on the Meteor Garden shoot, Jerry lends his cellphone to Vic and lets him play with it.

*Vic loves to sleep. When he’s tired, he likes to sleep for a t least 10 hours. And guess what happens when he gets dead tired… He cries.

*Vic’s nickname is Zai-Zai. A name given by his grandmother. Once when they were performing on a concert, Vic was singing the song “Ai Zai Ai Ni”. Jerry playfully changed the lyrics to “Zai-Zai ai ni”.

*Vic will never forget the time when he was in high school. He was rejected by the girl he likes.

*Vic has a big crush on Barbie’s younger sister, Xiao Si.

*Vic and Barbie became close during the shoot of Meteor Garden because Barbie helped Vic understand some Chinese words that he doesn’t know.

*Vic blushed and was overwhelmed when a two-year-old girl came up to him and held his hand telling him that when she grows up, she wants to marry him.

*Vic is the only one that could make Jerry laugh.

*When Vic’s got time to rest, if he’s not playing computer games, he’s either eating or sleeping.

*Some overzealous fans and paparazzi’s caused Zai-Zai some trouble on his school. Not only will they chase him up to his gate, but some fans even run into his classroom. So he decided to transfer from his school.

*Though Zai-Zai is super busy now, he still continues his studies. When Zai-Zai swithced his school, rumors went wild on the students about an F4 member studying in their school. Which resulted students looking for him in his classroom, leaving messages for him, carving love confession on his table that makes him quite embarassed.

*Some fans would swarm to his school and whenever they spot him without any bodygurd with him, they would rush up to him and grab his hands. Some fans would even pass camera’s to Zai-Zai’s classmates and ask them to take a picture of him while he’s studying. And again, Zai-Zai decided to switch school.

*His fans adoration is too much. When he casually say something, it gets his fans attention. Like there was this one time when he was just casually singing this “Doramon” song or the “QOO” song, fans started giving him presents that has something to do with Doraemon or Qoo.

*Among F4 members, Vic’s fans seems to be the most obsessed and extreme. There was one time when a fan from Singapore called a radio station and claimed to be Vic’s wife.

*Fans always hit his head or pinch his face which he cannot stand the most. Everytime he appears, the crowd gets wild and his head suffers the most. He even told F3 that if he’ll ever leave the music industry one day, it’s because he doesn’t want to get his head hurt.

*July 2002 when Vic had to quit school due to his loaded schedule.

*During a concert at Guangzhou on a Saturday, Vic was so tired that he actully fell on his knees while doing some steps in the middle of performance. he was so weak that he couldn’t get up on his own and had to be helped by Ken. He kept his arm around Vic to support him.

*ZaiZai’s current (2005) girlfriend is Barbie Hsu. They were co-stars in Meteor Garden and God Mars. They have been very close friends since Meteor Garden 1.

*ZaiZai had a relationship with Love Storm co-star Xu Wei Lun which ended during the 2nd half of year 2005.

2001 : Meteor Garden as Huā Zé Lèi
2001 : Poor Prince as Shān Tián Tài Láng
2001 : Meteor Rain as Huā Zé Lèi
2002 : Come to My Place as Zhang Zhong Yuan
2002 : Meteor Garden II as Huā Zé Lèi
2003 : Love Storm as Lù Yǐng Fēng
2004 : Mars as Chén Líng / Chén Shèng
2006 : Silence as Qi Wei Yi
2007 : Sweet Relationship as Fang Zhi Tian
2008 : Wish to See You Again as Xu Le
2009 : Black and White as Chen Zai Tian
2009 : The Last Night of Madam Chin as Sheng Yue Ru

2008 : Linger as Lin Xu Dong
2008 : Tea Fight as Yang
2010 : Love You for Ten Thousand Years as Wu Qi Feng

2001 滴可明雙氧液 -> Eye Drops
2001 金庸群俠傳網路遊戲/ Chinesegamer On-line Game -> Online Game
2001 代言卡拉網 -> Website
2001 代言 -> Website
2001 西門子手機 -> Mobile Phone
2002 古道貴爵純真不滅定律奶茶 -> Beverage, Milk
2002 聯想 -> Computer
2002 綠飄 -> Shampoo
2002 名樂球鞋 -> Apparel
2002 S&K 休閒服飾 -> Apparel
2002 百事可樂 / Pepsi -> Beverage
2002 Kentex 休閒服飾 -> Apparel
2003 神之領域 -> Online Game
2003 Switch Yamaha -> Motor Cycle
2004 戒菸就贏 -> Anti-smoking campaign
2004 喔喔奶糖 -> Candy
2005 Parco (Japan) – 白色情人節 -> Department Store
2007 台灣觀光 -> Taiwan Tourism
2007 心路 -> Charity
2008 Lancome -> Cosmetics
2008 康師傅茉莉清茶 -> Beverage
2009 康師傅茉莉清茶 -> Beverage
2009 Rejoice -> Shampoo
2009 Sony -> Camera
2010 Oden -> Dish

-Make A Wish (1st Album)
1. Make A Wish
2. Love Loves You – 愛在愛妳 (pinyin: Ài Zài Ài Nǐ)
3. Hotline For Help – 求救專線 (pinyin: Qiú Jiù Zhuān Xiàn)
4. Broken Tears – 破碎的眼淚 (pinyin: Pò Suì De Yǎn Lèi)
5. A Gentle Good Night – 溫柔的晚安 (pinyin: Wēn Róu De Wǎn Ān)
6. With Me And You – 有我有你 (pinyin: Yǒu Wǒ Yǒu Nǐ)
7. Loving You
8. It Aches My Heart – 心疼 (pinyin: Xīn Téng)
9. Even Fairy Tales Are Not Good Enough – 童話還不夠美好 (pinyin: Tóng Huà Hái Bú Gòu Měi Hǎo)
10. If It Were Not, For Loving You – 要不是愛上你 (pinyin: Yào Bú Shì Ài Shàng Nǐ)

Remember, I Love You (2nd Album)
1. Remember, I Love You – 記得我愛你 (pinyin: Jì Dé Wǒ Ài Nǐ)
2. Your Body Temperature – 你的體温 (pinyin: Nǐ De Tī Wēn)
3. Try To Love Me For A Day – 試著愛我一天 (pinyin: Shì Zhe Ài Wǒ Yì Tiān)
4. Mama Said – 媽媽説 (pinyin: Mā Mā Shuo)
5. How To Forget – 怎麽忘 (pinyin: Zěn Me Wàng)
6. Guarantee Of Happiness – 幸福的保證 (pinyin: Xìng Fú De Bǎo Zhèng)
7. Why Didn’t You Come – 為何你不来 (pinyin: Wéi Hé Nǐ Bú Lái)
8. Suddenly – 忽然 (pinyin: Hū Rán)
9. Message Of Three Thousand Years – 三千年的留言 (pinyin: Sān Qiān Nián De Liú Yán)
10. I Breathe You – 我呼吸你 (pinyin: Wǒ Hū Xī Nǐ)

-I’m Not F4 (我不是F4) (3rd Album)
1. 我不是F4 (I’m not f4) – wo bu shi f4 – written by Jay Chou (周杰倫)Jay Chou
2. 愛上這世界 (fall in love with this world)-ai shang zhe shi jie
3. 他是誰 (who is he)-ta shi shei
4. 完美偶像 (perfect idol)-wan mei ou xiang
5. 馬賽克 (mask)-ma sai ke
6. 藍鯨 (blue whale)-lan jin
7. 愛你恨你 (love you, hate you)-ai ni hen ni
8. 一加一 (one plus one)-yi jia yi
9. 有沒友 (have or have not)-you mei you
10. Missing You

Soundtrack contribution/other song
2003 : Love Storm Soundtrack (抂愛龍捲風 戀曲 OST) -> I breathe you (我呼吸你)
2004 : Mars Original Television Drama Soundtrack 戰神 -> Let Me Love You – 讓我愛你 duet with Barbie Xu (pinyin: Rang Wǒ Ài Nǐ)
2004 : 百事音樂風雲榜 -> Just For You
2006 : Silence Original Television Drama Sountrack 深情密碼
-> Familiar Gentleness – 熟悉的温柔 (pinyin: Shou Xi De Wen Rou)

F4 albums
1st Meteor Rain (流星雨)
* 為你執著 – (wei ni zhi zhuo / Persistence For You)
* 最特別的存在 – (zui te bie de cun zai / The Most Special Existence)

2nd : F4 Fantasy4ever (煙火的季節)
* 一個人的冬季 (yi ge ren de dong ji / Lonely Winter)
* 怎麽會是你 – (zen me hui shi ni / How Is It You)

3rd : Waiting for you (在這裡等你)
* 殘念 (can nian)
* 白 (bai / White)

Photo’s Gallery of Vic Zhou
Wanna See Picture of Vic Zhou in Original Size? Just Click The Picture Below and You Can get the bigger Size of The Picture…^^


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  1. .i rEally like Vic Zhou”zai zai”.
    .aNd i love Barbie hsu as his couple even though barbie is Merraid now but I hope theres a chance that they will continue there relationship but i think theres no way to fullfil my dreams…..
    .and I really admire there Drama”Mars” I always repeat it even though its finish..hahaahahah…kind’a funny but i really like thE Vic there…

  2. haha .. so who is his current girlfriend now?? …

  3. Your so cute vic……………………

  4. Ceann salivo sendad

    i realy like u vic…everytime im watching your face like i want u to hug..since i watch your Mars drama i can’t stop thinking of u..why i feel that you are so good?i wish i can see coz u make me happy if im thinking about u..i love the way you speak and the way you look,your eyes is like a fire that make mu burn..i wish you always in my dream..i love you vic or lei..!

  5. Ceann salivo sendad

    I love you so much Ling….

  6. i love u so much ‘ ling’ . u r so cute at MARS. i so sorry when break up with barbie shu.
    I want u to meet a good girl and have a happy life in the future. one day i wish to see u.

  7. i love your must be a certified Vic Zhou fan…thanks for sharing..i adore vic zhou so much…xei xei ni!

  8. i want u to have a taiwanis philippines drama wend angel locsin&vic zhou?

  9. Nice one. This site is loaded with lots of information about Vic Chou. Zai-zai hah. It’s cute!

  10. I was 12 yrs old, when meteor garden release in Philippines, It was 2003 or 2004. Vic Zhou is my Idol, because of his role in the t.v series of MG. One of my greatest dream is to meet him, he’s one of the reason why i want to finish my studies, now i was graduated my business administration course, before I was 12 when I started to like him now that I am 22, i am still hoping that someday i will meet him.

  11. i love u vic zhou

  12. .where U come back to indonesia with F4 ,

  13. Niceee! Vic Zhou, wo ai ni<3

  14. I really vic.he’s very handsome,very charming

  15. syifaa abd razak

    when will u come to Malaysia,vic zhou?

  16. Vic Zhou is the most handsome celebrity for me. I hope he will stay longer in showbiz even when he got his family. He also deserves to be happy. So go on friend find a girl and settle down but do not forget you have friends waiting of your appearance in screen and even in television. Wish you more blessings, good career and a lovely wife and wonderful family. God bless you!

  17. nice ph0t0s. . .take cAre.

  18. Trisella Ineke

    Actually,i’m still really like zai zai..for the first n for the last..forever likes n loves him..cia you zai zai:-)

  19. i like you vic , the way you move , the way you look , the way you talk , the way you act. all of those things i like you . and now that the meteor garden was repeated . even though i’m too busy too watch MG i still try my BEST to watch it . to see you only . cause every time i see you i feel like ohh ?? no . i feel like i’m falling .. huhu . when i grow up all i wanted is to see you in Taiwan . “personal” i really love you.. so hope my wish came true , to see you .. 😥

  20. Ang pogi mo talaga lei

  21. Woaw… Vic really went to some hard times… 😀 Vic I wish you all the luck 🙂 And God Bless ❤

  22. I already miss’s him… 😥

  23. im your no. one fan vic.i wish that we met one day.but that impossible.but I really love you vic

  24. Aileen Jane General

    oh…This post is a nice one=) it contains many information of HUA ZE LEI(Vic Zhou) , the Mr. Good Boy and CUTIFY 🙂 of the successful drama series, METEOR GARDEN.

    Since the 1st time i saw this show(meteor garden) , my heart beats for Dao Ming Si(Jerry Yan) and Hua Ze Lei(Vic Zhou). I alwAys hashtag them in my group message. I feel like crazy for them. And i think what i’m feeling right now is a Meteor Garden Fever. WEIRD ! ! !
    but…..I think it is. ❤ hehehe

  25. Hannah Dorothy Dumon

    I Like Vic Zhou/Hua Ze Lei to be a partner of Barbie Hsu/Shan Cai in Meteor garden , Both of them is perfect couple and mars how so sweet the kissing scenes in their , i wish had mars have watch in the philippines in tagalog version 🙂
    F4 ZaiZai<3 🙂


  27. I wish I am the best actor”like my idol Vic Zhou”!;-) >.< the real name: Yu Min Zhou.

  28. I’m so proud of my idol,because he is the best actor and talented man,and I’m still hoping that someday I will meet my Idol”Vic Zhou”…..I Love You so much Vic&Barbie! ❤ ❤ moah-moah!!! :* :*..God Bless 🙂 😉

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