(Poll Result) Poll 1 : If You Have a Chance to Celebrate New Year’s Eve With One of Asian Actor below, Who the Best One?

Finnaly, this is the time for me to announce “The Result of My First Polling”. I Wanna say “Thank You, Xie-Xie, Gamsahamnida, Arigatou Gozaimasu” for everyone who contributed to this Polling. On 30th December 2010, I Created a Polling “Who’s the Best Actor that You want to Spend your New Year Eve in 2011”.

Actually, I really surprise with the result of this polling. Initially, I Thought the answer choices of this polling has represented answer that will given by respondent. But the results of this poll showed that most respondents choose ‘other’. This indicates that initially the answer that I gave was not representative.

I Choose 6 Actors based on their popularity in their country (2 Actors Each Country). Most of the respondents choose Korean artists than any other artist. Its means that Korean artists more popular in the hearts of asian lover than the other Country.

The higher percentage is refer to the Choice “Other”. “Other” gets 34% from 59 respondent. Its mean that 30 people choose the Option “Other” because there is no answer which they want that i provided. Below, I re-write their answer from the Option “Other” :
1) Jang Geun Suk : 5
2) Lee Dong Wook : 2
3) Bae Yong Jun : 2
4) No Min Woo : 2
5) Kim Hyun Joong : 2
6) Yoon shi yoon : 1
7) Donghae : 1
8 ) Hero jea joon : 1
9) jong yong hwa : 1
10) Lee Seung Gi : 1
11) Jiro Wang : 1
12) Won bin :1
13) all the korean and taiwan bands 1
14) Yoon Eun Hye : 1
15) Kim nam gil : 1
16) kyuhyun : 1
17) Rain : 1
18) hello kk : 1
19) Takeshi Kashiwabara :1
20) Leeteuk : 1
21) Im Yoon-Ah : 1

For the 6 Choice that I have provided, The winner is Lee Min Hoo (29%). Runner up position is Kim Bum (24%). Wuchun and Vic zhou follow the third and fourth positions with the same percentage 4%. and the last, Kazuya Kamenasi and Jin Akanishi only get 3% and 2%.

Summary of the Result
Question : If You Have a Chance to Celebrate New Year’s Eve With One of Asian Actor below, Who the Best One?
Responden : 59 Responden
Time Periode : 30 December 2010-11 January 2011


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