All About Hyeon Bin (Profile and Photo Gallery)

* Name: 현빈 / Hyun Bin (Hyeon Bin)
* Real name: 김태평 / Kim Tae Pyung (Gim Tae Pyeong)
* Profession: Actor and model
* Birthdate: 1982-Sep-25
* Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
* Height: 184cm
* Weight: 74kg
* Star sign: Libra
* Blood type: B
* Family: Older brother
* Talent agency: Star M Entertainment

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TV Shows
* Secret Garden (SBS, 2010) as Kim Joo Won
* Friend, Our Legend (MBC, 2009) as Dong Soo
* The World That They Live In (KBS2, 2008) as Jung Ji Oh (Director)
* The Snow Queen (KBS2, 2006) as Han Tae Woong/Han Deuk Gu
* My Name is Kim Sam-Soon (MBC, 2005) as Hyun Jin-heon
* Ireland (MBC, 2004) as Kang Gook
* Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003) as Hyun-Bin
* Bodyguard (KBS2, 2003) as the stalker

* Late Autumn (2010)
* I’m Very Happy (2009)
* A Millionaire’s First Love (2006)
* Daddy Long Legs (2005)
* Spin Kick (2004)
* Shower (2002)

* 2010 SBS Drama Awards: Top Ten Stars Award (Secret Garden)
* 2010 SBS Drama Awards: Netizen Popularity Award
* 2010 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Ha Ji Won (Secret Garden)
* 2010 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actor – Drama Special (Secret Garden)
* 2006 KBS Drama Awards: Popularity Award (The Snow Queen)
* 2006 KBS Drama Awards: Netizen Award (The Snow Queen)
* 2006 KBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Sung Yu Ri (The Snow Queen)
* 2006 42nd Baeksang Awards: Most Popular Award
* 2005 MBC Drama Awards: Top Excellence Award, Actor (My Name is Kim Sam-Soon)
* 2005 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Best Actor for My Name is Kim Sam-Soon)
* 2005 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Kim Sun Ah (My Name is Kim Sam-Soon)
* 2004 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Best Newcomer for Ireland)
* 2004 MBC Drama Awards: Broadcasting & Entertainment Special Award

Photo Gallery of Hyeon Bin
Wanna See Photo of Hyeon Bin in Original Size? Just Click One of Picture Below, and You Can Get The Bigger Size

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  1. Annyong……hyun bin oppa
    saya cinta kamu…..^^

  2. oppa …. i like all movie oppa is actor hjjjjjjjj

  3. really love your role in secret garden…keep it up..cant get over it…

  4. anyong ha seyo take care

  5. hayxz ang pogi moh grabe kkkilg ka pakizz nmn pra mabuo mu pangarap q hahahahaha piece jowk lng

  6. i really like secret garden especially ha ji won and hyun bin i keep watching it every night

  7. hyeon bin.. amazing actor,
    annyeonghaseyo, jal jinaego nan huimang gaebongdoen, dangsin i miseu =)

  8. ..i really like your role in secret garden hyun bin and i never forget the way you show your wonderful SMILE(:

  9. aldrin joven pimentel


  10. aldrin joven pimentel


  11. i really like you mr.hyun bin… i’d already finishd watching secret garden… and it makes me crazy and inlove… :))

  12. i really love u hyun bin :)take care always 🙂

  13. i really love u hyun bin 🙂 take care always 🙂

  14. hi..hyun bin…your sooo cute..more movie pls..

  15. Saranghaeyo ..

    i SUPER LOVE SG .. 🙂

  16. lhizielynybanez

    nababaliw na ako sa secret gardin

  17. _anyohaseoyo oppa saranghe,plz go here in the philippines,i reallY Like u in kim sam soon but not i like u very much in sega!

  18. go sega saranghe oppa hyun bin,

  19. saranghae opa… ❤ figthing.. ^_-
    사랑해 오파… ❤ 파이팅… ^_-

  20. Hello Hyun Bin,
    After I’ve watched ‘Secret Garden’, i started to adore you.
    You did such a great job, cheers for that!
    I really really like your character there.
    so good luck on your career and may you have more projects to come.
    hope I’ll see you in person and hope you visit Philippines.
    you have a lot of fans here, did you know that?
    God bless and love you “Oppa Kim Joo Won”
    please send me an email.

  21. the most perfect hair style of hyun bin is in secret gardeh hair style…. u looks so handsome! superb

  22. hi hyun bin ,,your so very handsome go!go!go! =)smile..

  23. hi hyun bin,im frm philipPines,so amazed and im enjoying watchng secret garden,hopefully theres a part 2..! Im super jealous 2 ha ji wOn having kisSing and hugGing u,hope sOmeday im oNe those girls fEel ur warm hug and kisS hehe joke! BuT i insist.! Hope 2 seE persOnally! GodblesS and gOodluck 2 ur cAreEr!

  24. im crazy for you i wnna see you in person

  25. i love secret garden!!!!i love hyun bin.

  26. annyeonghaseyo hyun bin…i really like u talaga…specially the way you act & smile…lovelovelove..Ü

  27. hyun bin! been watching all your movie series… you’re such a good actor. keep it up! hope to you see in Korea, will be visiting on 2012…

  28. i love youu hyun bin…i super love secret garden …

  29. i really love u hyun bin ^.^
    just I want meet you ^,^

  30. oh… oppa i really like you………. urs so cute……

  31. we love you here at the phil. hyun bin

  32. Hyun Bin Oppa!anyong hasiyo!I miss u..I really love your drama secret garden!your the best actor..Im crazy about you coz Im so inlove w/ you!SARANGHEA OPPA!nomu,nomu,nomu,nomu chuwae!gwenchanayo?I’ve been watching korean drama most of the time so learn a little bet of korean..someday Im gonna go to korea to meet you in person thats my wish!take care opp!good luck!AJA,FIGHTING!

  33. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won is a great couple to be. I love both of you guys…

  34. i really really super love the secret garden and super in love the story even i’ve watched already in the internet but i still watching on the prime time and still watching all over again, Hi I’m Rochelj from the Philippines your number one fan I started to watch your drama My lovely Kim Sam Soon I really admire Hyun Bin’s drama since then the movie and the rest of your drama w/c untill now i have’nt finish yet ,hope you could visit our country Philppines a lot of your fans are waiting for you to come out from the military service, hope to see you soon on the screen again, kamsahamida. god bless you Hyun Bin (KIm TAe Pyung)

  35. i ♥ secret garden.. super!!!

  36. so sweet !! ♥♥♥

  37. Jayvee B. Aclan

    Anyong haseyo oppa kim joo won….saranghamnida….I really10x like you..!I want to see you in person,.I love watching secret garden and I like you to be ha ji won’s husband..jejeje… kamsahamnida….

  38. hyun Bin… your so handsome….. Im your number one FAN in Philippines…. Im going crazy on you…. I hope I will say you In Personal….
    god bless to you…..

  39. really nice secret garden…..

  40. i really like secret garden!!!!

  41. I like you and I like secret garden

  42. JUly 17,12-3 pm,,,,,i reli dont know how to hide myelf so nobody wud see me crying while watching secret garden..soooooo touched by the movie..i was thankful for having a cubicle so as not to be laughed and to be called dramacrazy..i just can’t help myself..i reli love it more than anybody cud imagine..i reli admire you HYUN BIN…hope to see in person..

  43. SARANGHAMNIDA! OPPA HYEON BIN!!!!!!!!! youre very cute and very handsome!!!!!!!!
    Youre my no.1 korean actor

  44. Im youre no1 fan here in the philippines …. i hope i`ll see you in personal!!!!!!!! SARANGHE!!!!!!!!!!!! OPPA HYUN BIN

  45. I like you and secret garden very much!!!!!!!!!!

  46. hyn bin's lover

    u r da most hndsome guy in korea….luve u soooooooooooo much hyun bin oppa

  47. secret garden fanatics...

    i wish there will be another tv show or movie that hyun bin and ha ji won will be the actor and actress.. BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE THEM BOTH..!

  48. i like u so much hyun bin am ur fun really i love watching SG hope to see u in person i like jimmy also..

  49. one of your fan

    your such a great actor . .hope you’ll visit your fans here at the Philippines.정말 감사합니다

  50. one of your fan

    your such a great actor . .hope you’ll visit your fans here at the Philippines. 정말 감사합니다

  51. :-Pur so cute hyun bin..i wanna meet u in perz0n..hope so!


  53. trisna swandewi

    Saranghae oppa….
    I miss u…..
    Can’t wait to see the real you…..
    Love u’r smile,
    Love the way u lough,
    Love u so much,
    If u see this note, plis come to BALI and take me to the korea with u,
    Hahaha love u oppa

  54. i like your acting. please come to indonesia exactly tulungagung east java. although small town but tulungagung is the best town i ever know

  55. i love you so much…
    and i miss you…

  56. I want to join Huyn Bin’s official fanclub, but I don’t know how to join that. Help me, please. Because i really love him so much ^^.
    Thank you!

  57. hyun bin……i…….u….

  58. love you really hyun bin!ur so cute!\

  59. amy dwi stiawati

    i very love hyun bin …..

  60. Hufwwwwww,,,,,
    hyuu b!n cute buanget,,,,,,,,

  61. i like u oppa joo won i hope that i can fine a person like u who have a sweet love ,warn love ,tender smile and alway protect the person that his loveeeee. i wish u get more success in ur life.

  62. anyoong oppa….!!!
    hope you will get success in all that you do…
    i love you as once of my favaourite korean actor…

  63. i love you full oppa,…!!!

  64. how cute are u,like u very very much!can’t wait to see u privately,oppa?i like when u acting in tv shows as kim joo won very gently n cute also!always like oppa…..

  65. Oppa hyun bin… I love and like secret garden… sarange hyun bin… I love u hyun bin…

  66. i like your smile …………………..thank you make my live shiny……………..sarange hyun bin…………………

  67. You are really a great actor Hyun B! Love you in Secret Garden!So adorable. Long time to wait for you to be out of the army. Wish you well 🙂

  68. weew seru seru seru ge okq…..

  69. Saranghae Oppa.. Wish you safe comeback on 12/2012 🙂 miss you..

  70. anyong haseo …………….?????????? i pround of you………………..

  71. great actor, if he was in hollywood he would have got many awards

  72. my, i really love his smile. his facial expression, body language, acting skill really changed alot. In his drama my name is kim sam soon, his expression is dull, not much. but in secret garden, his facial expression n acting skills has been really improved n wow me. loved this drama n love him very much! let us watch more of your greatest drama n movie, hyun bin oppa fighting!

  73. He has the best looking in Secret Garden Drama

  74. hyun bin i miss you………………………i want to see you again… god i still love secret garden….this drama is so beautiful……..fight for the you love…and sacrifice………i love secret garden my god…you always take care hyun bin god bless…..

  75. Annyeonghasseyo..
    Saranghae.. ^^

  76. Hyun Bin oppa, excellent acting in Secret Garden. Waiting for your come back from military service.

  77. i love hyun and ha ji won are best couple in my life..i hope two of you acting again for secret garden 2

  78. My friend recommended me to watch this movie and my sis started influencing me with all the Korean series (started with His Beautiful).
    It’s nice, cute and funny. Then when i watched your movie (Secret Garden), the first 4 episodes..hmmm didn’t get it yet…then when i continued..and keep continuing with the gets more excited to know more..both you and the lady heroin..became better and better till i hardly get some sleeps at night in order to finish the episodes.
    So congratulations to you especially in making such a romantic actor in the series became so real…it’s been such a joyful and wonderful ride through out the episodes…you are such a good actor…thank you…

  79. I first saw Hyun Bin at secret garden and he amazingly amazed me with his handsome and lovely voice then all of sudden find my self thinking of him…well all i can say his the best keep up the good work Hyun Shi ^____^

  80. I LOVE U HYUN BIN !!!

  81. hensem jga ini orang!! trutamanya lesung pipit tue!!! aiigoo.. sarangimnida la hyun bin! <3<3

  82. annyong i really luv all ur movie series specially the secret garden!!”, hope u will come here in the phillipines !! i will wait!!! and more blessing to you hyun bin(“;) FIGHTING!!

  83. hi hyung bin you are really cool guy.i think you understand my language.and im not korean im fromtibet.

  84. i love secret garden..n i hope i will meet hyun bin on one fine day..^-^..i really hope that i can go to hyun bin and all actress in secret garden..sarangeyo..hyun bin oppa@hyung..

  85. I LOVE U HYUN BIN!!!^_^

  86. ❤ you Hyun Bin…

  87. I started to search all the dramas & movies you acted after watching Secret Garden. 雪之女王-excellent movie & very touching, ‘My name is Kim Sam Soon-very funny,’The world they live in-very romantic.Waiting for you to come back in Dec’2012. Looking forward to see you active again on screen.I love the way you act so much.PS: Please don’t do any plastic surgery, you have such a natural good looking. Wish you all the best and stay cool.

  88. opppaaaaaa.
    i am ur big fan frm india.plz oppa vist india..

  89. i cant sleep if i cannot see ur face. everyday im watching secret garden to see u only…. im in love with u…. love u so much.. i hope we meet someday…. just take care….

  90. rizki azbi (park hyuk bin)

    Anyonghaseyoo!!! Ni Hao!! Ohayoo Gozaimasu!!! Thanks For Visit My Site…. Hope You Like it… ^^

  91. anarose cabanda

    saranghae hyeon bin.
    i hope i can see u in person.^_^
    i also love ur movie secret garden its so amazing my god.

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