All About Big Bang (Profile and Photo Gallery)

Group Name : Big Bang
Genre : K-pop, rap, R&B, hip hop
Year Active : 2006–present
Label : YG Entertainment (Korea Selatan) ; Universal Music Japan (Jepang)

Big Bang (빅뱅) is a Korean hip hop & R&B group composed of five members, each contributing different vocal or rapping parts. When they first debuted, they were considered to be the new face of the YG Family, a pet name for their management company YG Entertainment. Although their debut was somewhat successful, it was not until the release of “거짓말” (“Lies”) that the group gained success. Big Bang have been noted for their music as well as their fashionable clothing, becoming famous throughout the country in the process. They also write and produce their own music.

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Korean Album

The First Single Album (August 28, 2006)
1. Put Your Hands Up (Intro)
2. We Belong Together (Featuring Park Bom)
3. A Fool’s Only Tears
4. This Love (G-Dragon’s Solo)

Big Bang Is V.I.P (September 28, 2006)
1. La La La
2. My Girl (Taeyang’s Solo)
3. V.I.P
4. La La La (Instrumental)

BIG BANG 03 (November 21, 2006)
1. Victory (Intro)
3. Forever With You (featuring Park Bom)
4. Goodbye Baby
5. Try Smiling (Daesung’s Solo)

Volume 1 Since 2007 (December 21, 2006)
1. Big Bang (Intro)
2. She Can’t Get Enough
3. Dirty Cash
4. Next Day (Seungri’s Solo)
5. BIG BOY (TOP’s Solo)
6. Shake It
7. A Fool’s Only Tears
8. My Girl (Taeyang’s Solo)
9. La La La
10. This Love (G-Dragon’s Solo)
11. Try Smiling (Daesung’s Solo)

Always – (August 16, 2007)
1. We Are Big Bang (Intro)
2. Lie
3. Wrong Number
4. As If Nothing’s Wrong (TOP’s Solo)
5. Oh My Baby
6. Always

Hot Issue (November 22, 2007)
1. Hot Issue (Intro)
2. Fool
3. But I Love You (G-Dragon’s Solo)
4. I Don’t Understand
5. Crazy Dog
6. Last Farewell

Stand Up (August 8, 2008)
1. Stand Up (Intro)
2. Day By Day (Haru Haru)
3. Heaven
4. A Good Man
5. Lady
6. Oh My Friend (Feat. No Brain)

Remember (November 5, 2008)
1. Everybody Scream (Intro)
2. Oh Ah Oh
3. Sunset Glow
4. Sparkling Sparkling
5. Strong Baby (Seungri’s Solo)
6. Wonderful
7. Foolish Love
8. Day After Day (Haru Haru, Acoustic Version)
9. Lies (Remix)
10. Last Farewell (Remix)
11. Remember (Korean Version)

Japannese Album

For the World (January 4th, 2008)
1. V.I.P – Intro (English version)
2. Big Bang – (English version)
3. How Gee – (English)
4. Lies – (English version)
5. So Beautiful – (English version of ‘Wrong Number’)
6. La La La – (English version)
7. Together Forever – (English version of ‘A Fool’s Only Tears’)
8. Always – (English version)

With U (May 28th, 2008)
1. Gotta Be With U – Intro
2. With U
3. Baby Baby – (English version of ‘Last Farewell’)
4. This Love – G-Dragon
5. Mad About You – (English/Japanese version of ‘Fool’)
6. We Belong Together – (English version feat. Park Bom)
7. Shake It – (English version of ‘Shake It’ feat. Ji Eun)
8. My Girl – Taeayang (Japanese version)

Number 1 (October 22nd, 2008)
1. Number 1 – Intro
2. Number 1
3. Make Love – (English version)
4. Come Be My Lady
5. Day by Day – (Haru Haru)
6. With U
7. How Gee
8. Baby Baby – (English version of ‘Last Farewell’)
9. So Beautiful – (English version of ‘Wrong Number’)
10. Remember
11. Heaven
12. Everything
13. Always – (English version)
14. Candle – (Japanese version of ‘Together Forever’)

My Heaven (June 24th, 2009)
1. My Heaven (Japanese version)
2. Emotion
3. Candle – (Michitomo remix)

Gara Gara GO!! (July 8th, 2009)
1. Gara Gara GO!!
2. Top of the World
3. Stylish

Big Bang (August 19th, 2009)
1. Intro
2. Gara Gara Go!!
3. Bringing You Love
4. My Heaven (Japanese version)
5. Stay
6. Top of the World
7. Follow Me
8. Baby Baby (Japanese version)
9. Emotion
10. Love Club
11. Always (Japanese version)

Let Me Hear Your Voice (November 4th, 2009)
1. Let Me Hear Your Voice
2. Ora Yeah!
3. Let Me Hear Your Voice – (Acoustic version)
4. Let Me Hear Your Voice – (Club mix)

Tell Me Goodbye (July 9th, 2010)
1. Tell Me Goodbye
2. Hands Up
3. Tell Me Goodbye Remix

Beautiful Hangover (August 25th, 2010)
1. Beautiful Hangover
2. Somebody to Luv

* Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Rookie Of The Month (October) (“La La La”)

* Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song Of The Month (August)(“Lies”)
* Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the Month (September)(“Lies”)
* KM Music Festival:Best Male Group (“Lies”)
* KM Music Festival: Song Of The Year(“Lies”)
* 8th MBC Korean Visual Arts Festival: Male Singer Photogenic Award
* 22nd Golden Disk Awards: Disk Bonsang
* Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song Of The Month (December)(“Last Farewell”)

* 17th Seoul Music Awards:Digital Music Award’
* 17th Seoul Music Awards:Bonsang
* 17th Seoul Music Awards:Daesang
* 2008 Nickelodeon Korea Kids Choice Awards: Best Male Singer
* 35th Korea Broadcast Award: Newcomer Award
* Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song Of The Month (September)(“Day By Day”)
* 2008 KM Music Festival: Digital Music Award
* 2008 KM Music Festival:Mnet Music Portal Award
* 2008 KM Music Festival:Best Male Group Big Bang “Day By Day”
* 2008 KM Music Festival:Artist Of the Year (“Day By Day”)
* Cyworld Digital Music Awards:Song Of The Month (November)(“Sunset Glow”)

* 18th Seoul Music Awards:Bonsang
* 18th Seoul Music Awards:Best Album
* 18th Seoul Music Awards:Popular Mobile Award
* 18th Seoul Music Awards:Hiwon Award
* 21st Korea PD Awards: Best Singer Award
* 2009 Nickelodeon Korea Kids’ Choice Awards:Best Male Artists
* Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of the month (April) (“Lollipop”)
* 2009 Best Hits Song Festival : Gold Artist Award
* 42nd Japan Cable Broadcasting Award: Best Newcomer Award
* Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism: Artist of the Year
* 51st Japan Record Awards: New Artist
* 51st Japan Record Awards: Best New Artist

* Japanese Grand Prix du Disque: Best Newcomer
* The 24th Japan Gold Disc Award: Best 5 New Artists
* The 24th Japan Gold Disc Award: Best New Artist
* 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards : Bonsang
* Space Shower Music Video Awards: Best Choreography Video
* 2010 MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best New Artist Video(Gara Gara GO!!)
* 2010 MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best Pop Video (Koe wo Kikasete)
* 52nd Japan Record Awards:Gold Award

Photo Gallery of Big Bang
Wanna See Photo of Big Bang in Original Size? Just Click One of Picture Below, and You Can Get The Bigger Size


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  1. really love k-po especially bigbang go! gd and t.o.p love yA

  2. hey,
    i really enjoy listening your songs……
    i hope you have a new album….this summer..,

  3. ..bigbang rockz!!!!!!…hugs and kisses…love u more…muaaahhh…

  4. bigbang rocks forever

  5. nice one man!

  6. Nice one man

  7. epop bln aug ada sampul raya big bang beli cepat


  9. Gosh, big bang fighting!!!!

    You should see our blog:
    Think you’d like it 😀

  10. ♥I really love them all :
    ♥G Dragon is so damn hot,sexy,cute and he has a very, very cute smile
    ♥DaeSung has a hot body,face and lips, i really love his lips 😀
    ♥SeungRi is very funny and very hot too
    ♥TaeYung have a very sexy and hot body and he dance like nobody else
    ♥T.O.P is funny and he dressed very funny too 😀

  11. im your fan’s bigbang:P
    astig ang porma

  12. te amooooooooooooooooo te amo haru haru

  13. te amo haru haru


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    they need our support to win on MTV “Worldwide Act Asia Pacific” so please go and VOTE…you can vote 100 vote on each day…Please vote as much as you are allowed…Let’s see now how are the true fans of BigBang…

  16. G Dragon and Daesung my two bigest lovers of all time 😀

  17. love u beautifuls….damo damo joa….

  18. all love u bigbang

  19. Hi… G – Dragon & Seungri & Top & Taeyaung & Daesaung.
    I very like you. 🙂

  20. G – Dragon is I like best. 😀

  21. G Dragon doesn’t matches with So Hee amd CL..

  22. I love all your songs and i enjoyed it, for your information im your BIGGEST fans 🙂

  23. I LOVE U!!!!!~

  24. hi..
    big bang you are the best!!!

  25. hi..
    big bang!!
    my name is mega
    im live in indonesia
    you are the best
    you are king of k-pop

  26. en una pagina q capas vieron G-DRAGON dijo q todas sus fans son sus novias es un amor lo amo!! mi tema favorito es haru haru y todos jajajaja

  27. T.O.P (rap 22)

    ¿Cosas a las cuales quieres decir adiós?
    En lugar de abandonar alguna cosa, tengo una voluntad más fuerte para aprender y aceptar nuevas cosas.

    ¿Alguna cosa placentera ha pasado recientemente que te ha causado “levantar las manos”?
    La película de guerra “Into The Fire”, en la cual puse mucho esfuerzo durante la filmación, está a punto de proyectarse en Corea.

    Si vas a una cita este verano…
    Lugares como un bar de vinos o un café en el área de Daikanyama. Quiero pasar un día relajado con mi cita en un lugar callado. (Hablando en un tono depresivo), todavía tengo que conocer a la chica de mis sueños…

    entrevista de top

  28. D-Lite (Vocalista 21)

    ¿Cosas a las cuales quieres decir adiós?
    Quiero ser más serio y cauteloso en el futuro.

    ¿Alguna cosa placentera ha pasado recientemente que te ha causado “levantar las manos”?
    Yo soy feliz a diario. Incluso ahora (durante la entrevista), estoy muy entusiasmado.

    Si vas a una cita este verano…
    Realmente quiero pasar un día en Fuji-Q Highland*, así que llevaría a mi cita ahí. Sería grandioso si pudiera conocer a mi verdadero amor pronto.

  29. SOL (Vocalista 22)

    ¿Cosas a las cuales quieres decir adiós?
    Quiero decirle adiós a mi pesar hacia los amigos perdidos como también a mis deseos personales. Así de este modo, convertirme en un adulto más maduro que pueda crear más piezas de buena música.

    ¿Alguna cosa placentera ha pasado recientemente que te ha causado “levantar las manos”?
    Mi álbum en solitario que me tomó casi un año preparar, pronto será estrenado en Corea.

    Si vas a una cita este verano…
    Llevaría a mi amada al mar de Okinawa. Igual que D-Lite, deseo poder encontrar pronto a mi chica destinada.

  30. V.I (Vocalista 19)

    ¿Cosas a las cuales quieres decir adiós?
    Mi habito de parpadear demasiado mis ojos, ¡adiós!

    ¿Alguna cosa placentera ha pasado recientemente que te ha causado “levantar las manos”?
    Eso sería recibir premios en los VMAJ. Además, cosas como ser despertado por canciones energéticas en la mañana a tomar comida para llevar mientras manejo.

    Si vas a una cita este verano…
    Quiero pasar mi cita en el mar de Okinawa con una chica que tenga un certificado en submarinismo. Así, poder dejarle que me enseñe a bucear.

  31. G-Dragon (Rap 21)

    ¿Cosas a las cuales quieres decir adiós?
    Hasta ahora, la respuesta es no. Si realmente tengo que decir algo, ese es mi viejo habito de comerme las uñas. Comenzó cuando tenía 8 años, y probablemente durará hasta que cumpla 80.

    ¿Alguna cosa placentera ha pasado recientemente que te ha causado “levantar las manos”?
    La experiencia de montar en FUJIYAMA en Fuji-Q Highland. Eso fue emocionante y divertido que no pude controlarme de levantar mis manos.

    Si vas a una cita este verano…
    Escogería un parque en Japón. Es una escena bastante rara en Corea el ver parejas comiendo, tocando música y cantando juntos. Haría loncheras el domingo en la mañana y entonces ir a un picnic con mi novia. ¿Mi novia? ¡Todas mis fans son mis novias!

  32. son las respuestas de big bang todos

  33. annyonghaseo
    bigbang q fans bratmu,

  34. love the group and i have read from some site about their comeback and other kpop artist who’ll be doing their comeback this 1st quarter of the year..

  35. I love bigbang!Daesung is soooo cute!!!!

  36. son divinos soy mexica na pero megusa sumusica

  37. ustedes nisaben q existo perobasta con qyosi sepa qenes so x q lindos son en espesial top



  40. ilike bingbang….is the best for bigbang…

  41. big bang is the best!!!!

  42. jolina may ibarra

    i love Tae-yang , G,Dragon ….!!! =)
    … i love you Big-Bang !!!! 🙂

  43. jolina may ibarra

    Bigbang !!! =)
    Im Jolina May
    i live in philipines
    for me bigbang is the best !!! =)
    …. i love you !!!

  44. i like super junior andbig bang

  45. i like bigbang.the bigbang and the best

  46. I love G-dragon style in “LOVE SONG” & “HARU HARU” video album.
    That’s all,khamsamida….!

  47. annyeonghaseyo bigbang i really love u new song badboy

  48. Hi, desparetely need 3 VIP Cat 1 tickets and will pay extra extra $. You let me know how much. my email address: Million Thanks.

  49. BIGBANG!! is back 2012 n 4ever ❤

  50. i’m vip
    yes, i really like that group.

  51. big bang rocks! i love all of their songs. Keep on Trying !!! All the best for u guys. Kings of K-pop!! ❤

  52. hi big bang i very like you,because i love top,because he so cute,handsome and you can rap it so very nice

  53. I really love big bang Love Dust and Last Farewell

  54. I love Taeyang Wedding Dress,Daesung Wings and GD Crayon

  55. big bang is the famous k-pop and last yr big bang has won in mtv award and big bang got nominis best world wide act and this yr han geng(super junior) got best world wide act

  56. semangat…
    kami VIP akan selalu mendukung kalian

  57. The best blog evvver!!!thanks 4 the Big Bang info…We VIP’S crazy ’bout them..ARRGH!!!IM SCREAMING OUT DAESUNG’S SMILING ANGEL FACE!!!!

  58. i love bing band ……i love t.o.p {choi seung hyun }
    bing band the best k-pop …
    i’m vip……love t.o.p 4 ever

    from :ammyzizie (:

  59. BigBang, u are the best !!!! Like it!

  60. lurver maisarah

    the BIG BANG is the best ‘ s i love big bang

  61. lurver maisarah

    T.O.P is handsOme bOy **** i like his …..

  62. peminat T.O.P.

    T.O.P : you can give number phone to me ???

  63. peminat T.O.P.

    haneasyo …. top you can give number phone for me ???

  64. fantastic baby

  65. I hope big bang will make a new album

  66. nanztuff vasah

    big bang.. jas keep bang on.. u jas bang the hearts of many hearts.. i jas luff u guys

  67. big bang bandh.. the finest bandh ever.. jas luff d wae how u guys move ur body themeing witta music,lyrics very rhythmically.. keep rocking.. jas make ur fan alive wit ur music till heaaven gates… jas bang on..

  68. nanztuff vasah

    G. dragon U r too handsome n awesome in everything,every move,everywae from top to toe..

  69. Taeyang Idol

    I love Big Bang ❤
    all of u song is best , i love u all !!
    especially to Taeyang and Top , G-dragon !!!


  71. U R hair still very beautiful locket I like U

  72. Love eww all…m crazy for eww five 😃😃😃😃

  73. Love eww all..i love to watch ur songs n videos…

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