How About Hyun Bin Oppa…

Sudah lihat penampilan terbaru dari Hyun Bin, si Bintang Secret Garden?? Berikut saya mendapatkan beberapa foto beliau ketika sedang mengikuti training Wajib Militer.. Huhuhuuu… Agak sedih juga melihat Oppa Hyeon Bin dengan kepala yang agak botak…. baru training saja begitu, kalau sudah mengikuti wamil jangan-jangan mantan kekasih Song Hye Gyo ini akan benar-benar botak… T_T

Berikut adalah beberapa tanggapan mengenai Penampilan Terbaru Hyeon Bin ini (Dikutip dari POPSEOUL) :

“Here he is gearing up to sit behind that desk in seoul”
“Here he is getting ready for 18 months of long hard shuffling paper and drinking with a Chaebol CEO’s son, before going home to bed”

…. the Korean military is laughable (Saucer)

that’s really jaded. someone’s got to do those paper works. every military have someone to do those. you saying even a small sacrifice as paperwork isn’t good enough for the sake of the country? How are you going to solve miscommunications without putting it on paper? They’re like accountants in a corporation, anyone can make a difference, like the anonymous-es that contributed to wikileaks. or a bad example; the accountants in enron. even a small sector can make a huge impact in a large firm (Tintin)

Good. Hopefully he gain some damn muscle because he looks like a bag of bones. Get some fat on that skull too please… (Dood)

No wonder you talk like Kim Jong iL.. (cougerdairy)


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  1. cool with his military uniform….^^

  2. I have a huge crush on him!!!

  3. riska juwita

    I Love you oppa

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