All About Alan Luo (Profile and Picture Gallery)

* Name: 羅志祥 / Luo Zhi Xiang
* English name: Show Lo / Alan Luo
* Also known as: 小豬 (Xiao Zhu) / Mr. Pig
* Profession: Host, singer, and actor
* Birthdate: 1979-Jul-30
* Birthplace: Taiwan
* Height: 180cm
* Weight: 68kg
* Star sign: Leo
* Chinese zodiac: Goat
* Blood type: O

Show Luo also known as Xiao Zhu (小豬) (traditional Chinese: 羅志祥; simplified Chinese: 罗志祥; pinyin: Luó Zhīxiáng; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lô Chì-siông) was born on 30 July 1979. He is a Taiwanese entertainer: Mandopop singer, dancer, host and actor. He has been dubbed “Asia’s Dance King” for his dancing skills.

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TV Shows
* Hi My Sweetheart (CTS / GTV, 2009) as Xue Hai 薛海 / Lin Da Lang 林逹浪
* Hot Shot (CTV / GTV, 2008) as Yuan Da Ying
* Corner with Love (CTV, 2007) as Qin Lang
* The Outsiders II (GTV, 2004) as Yuan Cheng Lie / Ah Lie 袁承烈 / 阿烈
* Hi! Working Girl (CTV, 2003) as Zheng Da Lun
* Spicy Hot Teacher (CTS)
* Girls Go Forward (CTS)
* The Youth of Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai (CTV, 2001)
* When We Are Nesting Together (Public TV)
* Spicy Teacher (CTS, 2001)

TV Shows Theme Songs
* Head Over Heels in Love (愛瘋頭), Hi My Sweetheart (2009)
* Hot Shot, Hot Shot (2008)
* Ai Zhuan Jiao (愛轉角), Corner with Love (2007)
* Hui Se Kong Jian (灰色空間), The Outsiders II (2004)
* Ni Shuo Ni De Wo Shuo Wo De (妳說妳的 我說我的), Hi! Working Girl (2003)

* Button Man
* Two and Half Detectives- There are Ghosts in the School’s Backyard
* Expect A Miracle (2001)

* 1st Show Time – 2003
* 2nd Expert Show (達人Show) – 2004
* 3rd Hypnosis Show (催眠Show) – 2005
* 4th Speshow – 2006
* 5th Show Your Dance (舞所不在) – 2007
* 6th Trendy Man (潮男正傳) – 2008
* 7th Rashomon (羅生門) – 2010
* 8th Only for You (獨一無二) – 2011

* Best Show – 2007
* All for You (All for You 超精選) – 2011

* Dance is King Remix Collection (舞者為王混音極選) – 2010

* Show On Cruel Stage Concert Live – 2008

Wanna Know More About Luo’s Discography ? Klik Here

* Family Mart (2010)
* Lays (2010)
* HEY SONG Sarsaparilla 黑松沙士 (2007)
* PEPSI- Soya Bean (2007)
* Green Teahouse- Jasmine Tea (2007)
* BenQ- SIEMENS EF71 (2007)
* Big Train Jeans (2007)
* McDonalds’ (along with Rainie Yang) (2007)
* Big Train Jeans (2006)
* Watsons- The Most Intimate Good Friend Series (2006)
* McDonalds’- Big Mac (2006)
* Ochean Tea(2005)
* Golden Hydroxide Peroxide- Contact Lens Sanitary Fluid
* CATCH Chocolate Stick
* MEIKE Sport Shoes
* Kuo-Nong Fresh Milk
* CHA CAH 90 Motorcycle
* CHA CAH 50 Motorcycle

* Languages: Mandarin, Japanese, and Taiwanese
* Host of 100% Entertainment (娛樂百分百), along with Huang Hong Sheng
* Dubbed as Taiwan’s “dancing king”

*New Singer Chart Sell Champion (SHOW TIME)

City Mandarin Music Award
* City Mandarin Leap Forward Singer
* City Mandarin New Influence Male Singer

The King of Powerful Song Awarding Ceremony
* The King of Powerful Song All-Round Artist Award
* The Best 10 Songs Award
* Taiwan The Fullest Future New Singer Award
* Taiwan Outstanding Youth Singer Award

The Second South-East Music Awards
* Hong Kong and Taiwan Area, The Fullest Future New Singer Award

2004 Sprite My Choice Chinese Original Creation Music Chart
* Golden Melody – Hong Kong and Taiwan

Music Pioneer Chart
* Taiwan The Most Popular New Male Singer Award – Golden Award

TVB8 Music Awards
* The Best 10 Songs

The Third South-East Music Awards
* Successor of Great King
* The Best 10 Songs of Hong Kong and Taiwan

TVB8 Music Awards
* The Best 10 Songs
* The Interior Audiences Favorite Male Singer Award

City Music Award
* Dancing and Singing Singer Award
* Mandarin Singer Award

City Mandarin Music Award
* City Mandarin Song
* City Mandarin Dancing and Singing Singer
* City Mandarin Asian Popular Idol

Channel V Chinese Music Award
* The Most Popular Song of Year Award (Love Expert)

MTV Super Magnificent Ceremony
* Full Style Artist Award

TVB8 Music Awards
* The First Season Selected

China Wu Xi
* Colorful Music Award

KKBOX Online Music Award
* The Best 10 Songs of Karaoke of Year (Self-Hypnotised)
* The Best 10 Artists of Year

MTV Mandarin Awards @ Taiwan
* People’s Choice Award[20]

TVBS Chinese Music Awards
* The Best Leap Forward Singer
* The Best Stage Modeling Award
* The Most Popular Omni-Bearing Male Singer

MTV Video Music Awards Japan
* Nominated for Best Buzz Asia in Taiwan

7th Annual Chinese Pop Awards 2007
* Most Outstanding Taiwanese Artist
* Top 20 Songs of the Year (Jing Wu Men – Dance Gate)
* Best Stage Performer
* Top 5 Favorite Male Artists [21]
* Top 10 songs of the Year (Ending theme song from Corner With Love – Love’s Corner)

Music Radio TOP Charts
* Taiwan/Hong Kong Most Popular/Favorite Male Artist
* Taiwan/Hong Kong Best Stage Performer of the Year

MTV Asia Awards
* Favorite Artist of Taiwan [22]

8th Annual Chinese Pop Awards 2008
* Favorite Male Singer
* Top 20 Songs of the Year (Defeating Love)
* Best Stage Performer

Singapore Entertainment Awards
* Most Popular Male Singer
* Most Stylish Hunk
* SPH Media Award- Best Artiste Of The Year (All-Round)

6th Annual Global Chinese Music Awards Ceremony
* The Title of Pop
* Pop King Almighty Artist
* Hit Award by Arab Media
* 2009 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards (HK)[24]: Male Singer

-Baidu annual Hot Point Awards (Most popular entertainer)
-14th Annual Global Mandarin Chart Music Award / 第14屆全球華語榜中榜 (Best Stage (Presentation) Award and Most Popular Male Artist Award)
-Singapore Entertainment Awards (Most Popular Male Singer)
-Next Magazine 1st Entertainment Award Ceremony / 第一届壹周刊娱乐大赏颁奖典礼 (Top 10 Most Popular Artist Award and Most Popular Singer Award)
-Singapore Hit Awards / 新加坡金曲獎 (Most Popular Male Artiste)
-Channel [V] Taiwan Music Billboard Annual Awards / 音樂飆榜年度頒獎 (Top 20 Songs of the Year and Most Popular Male Artist)

Photo Gallery of Alan Luo
Wanna See The Original Size Picture of Alan Luo ? Just Click The Picture Below and You Can Get The Bigger Size ^^


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  1. Nice site! All about show has been placed on this site.
    Luo Zhi Xiang will always be no.1 in our hearts!
    The best artist,singer,entertainer,genuine friend,filial son and a great person.
    Jia you xiao zhu!!!

  2. ohhh…. he’s so handsome

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