KARA members celebrate their fifth anniversary

Girl group KARA celebrated their 5th anniversary on their respective Twitter pages.

On March 29th, KARA member Nicole wrote, “It’s already been five years…I was 17 years old at the time.. Walking down memory lane.. Going to make a lot more memories from here on out.”

Han Seungyeon shared a photo of herself when KARA first debuted and wrote, “I remember it like it was yesterday.. Love You^^“, and later wrote, “If it were now, we would have been so concerned with six packs and what not, but back then, I looked like that without even really taking care of myself.. Oh, being twenty~”

KARA’s maknae Kang Jiyoung was celebrating two very special things on the same day. “Let’s all congratulate KARA on our fifth anniversary,” she wrote and also shared, “Today is also the birthday of my beloved friend Sulli! Everyone please congratulate us. One, two, three~“.

Goo Hara shared the above photo and wrote, “We are the one!^_______^* KARA & Kamilia! o7. o3. 29 ~ ing.. #KARAnniver5a”

And leader Park Gyuri thanked her fans by saying, “KARA’s fifth anniversary.. Time is flying by too fast~ Thank you for loving us and trusting us for the past five years ^^ Let’s make a lot of memories from here on out as well. My people!”

KARA made their debut back in March 29, 2007 as a 4-member girl group with their first album, ‘Blooming‘, but original member Kim Sunghee left the group in February of 2008. In June of that same year, Kang Jiyoung and Goo Hara were added and the group has been receiving explosive support from their fans ever since.

To celebrate, Kamilia took out an ad in the newspaper to congratulate KARA:

Congratulations to KARA & Kamilia for five wonderful years!

Source & Image: MoneyToday StarNews via Nate


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  2. Nicole was inspirational in my interest in pop

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