Annyonghaseyoo Asian Lover,

Basically, I Created this site because I’m an Asian Lover, too. I Love everything about Asia (Esp. for Asian Celebrity). Before I Made this site, I’m always looking for information about my favorite star, Soundtrack Lyric, Review of Drama, etc from many different sites. I think it’s very tiring. So I thought, why don’t I create a One Stop Site for Asian lover.

Here, You Can Find All About Your Favourite Celebrity, Asian Drama, Soundtrack Lyric, Gallery Photo, News or Gossip in Korean/Taiwan/Japan etc.

I hope you like this site and want to visit as often as possible ^^

Xie Xie,
NieSa HimuRa

  1. i like your website alot and i appreciate it

  2. Love it

    Damn its good

  3. yeoboseyo:)
    naneun gwihaui saiteuleul salang haeyo!! ^__^

  4. millee samukcham

    U make a nice pair.if the heroine was me ,i had faint.i really love .i want to marry u.

  5. love it ❤

  6. trisha(forever cute)

    Your my favorite korean actress you looks like me

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