Asian Music Group

Japanese Music Group
Boys : *KAT-TUN *Laruku / L’arc En Ciel *Do As Infinity * V6 *F.T Island *Arashi
Girls : *Morning Musume

Korean Music Group
Boys : *SHINee *2AM *2PM *Super Junior *SS501 *TRAX *CNBlue *Big Bang *MBLAQ
Girls : *Girls Generation *Wonder Girls *KARA *2NE1*4Minute*

Taiwanese Music Group
Boys : *F4 *Fahrenheit
Girls : *S.H.E

  1. nothing to speak just

    fantastic fantastic

    just love u all

    • SHINee




      your band

  2. snsd snsd jessica!!!!!

  3. Kathleen Eriful

    i super like SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!

  4. love u all suju membersss,,,,,,,,especially siwon…love u and ur dam hot body


  6. aku mau nanya dong Chinggu yang kata di Video Suju yang Marry U itu khan ada lagu lain yang terakhirnya itu lagu apa yaa?? yang di nyanyiin sama Khuyun sama sungmin juga apa yaa pokoknya lucu dehh??? Please dijawab..makasih

  7. i love music korea
    i love suju i love shinee i love snsd i love key i love 2NE1

    i love wang zi

  8. Chonun rahgo hamnida. colleene in america or philipines
    in japan kanji ^.^
    I LOVE 2ne1

  9. Arro Qurr Profile
    Name: Arro Qurr
    DOB: November 13
    Profession: Author, Musician
    (Also known as Prince)

    Arro Qurr Biography
    Arro Qurr made his album when he was 16 in 2000. Not only that his techno-pop music attracted many fans, his performance style and fashion sense were talk of the town too. Arro released his album, “Poem for You” in 2000. He was a tennis player and attended colleges on scholarship; and admitted into university. Arro remains as one of the most popular Asian star currently.

    Arro Qurr Related Websites

  10. I love big bang anf G-D is best

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