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All About Rainie Yang (Profile and Photo Gallery)

* Name: 楊丞琳 (杨丞琳) / Yang Cheng Lin
* English name: Rainie Yang
* Also known as: Ah Lin / Lin Lin / Xiao Cheng Lin / Cheng Lin / Yeung Sing Lam / Lily
* Birthdate: 1984-Jun-04
* Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
* Profession: Actress, singer and host
* Height: 162cm
* Weight: 42kg
* Zodiac sign: Gemini
* Chinese sign: Rat
* Blood type: A
* Associated acts : 4 in Love
* Official Website : Sony Music Entertainment

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All About Angela Zhang (Profile and Photo Gallery)

Birth name : Zhang Shao An/ 張韶涵
English Name : Angela Zhang or Angela Chang
Born January 19, 1982 (1982-01-19)
Height: 158cm
Blood type: A
Family members: Parents, younger brother and younger sister
Language spoken: Mandarin, English and a bit of Japanese
Education: Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Vancouver, Canada
Profession: Actress and singer
Dream: Travel around the world
Hobbies: Reading, singing, listening to music, and shopping
Favourite colour: Green, pink and white
Favourite food: Sashimi
Favourite sport: Jogging and gym
Favourite music: R&B and Bosa Nova
Favourite singers: Christina Aguilera, Lisa Ono, Nelly, Ringo Shiina and Zhang Hui-Mei
Origin Republic of China
Genre(s) Pop, R&B, Rock
Label(s) LINFAIR Records

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Angela Zhang was born in Taiwan. Her family immigrated to Canada when Angela was 12. As the oldest sibling in her family, Zhang has a younger sister and a younger brother.

She attended many singing contests when she lived in Canada. At the “Rothenacker Village Festival” singing contest “BBC Star”, Zhang won first place by singing Zhang Yusheng’s popular song “The Day without (没有烟抽的日子)”. She was subsequently offered the chance to go to Taiwan for the final, which she did not attend due to school commitments.

After she graduated from high school (Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School), Angela started her career in 2000. She became popular after starring as “Tian Yuxi (田羽希)” in the TV series “My MVP Valentine (MVP情人).”

Chang’s first language is Mandarin, but she is also fluent in English.

She has finished filming Romantic Princess with Wu Zun and Calvin Chen. It took a total of 47 days.

Albums of Angela Zhang
1st : Over The Rainbow (2004)
2nd : Aurora 歐若拉 (December 2004)
3th : Pandora 潘朵拉 9January 2006)
4th : Flower in the Wonderland 梦里花 (January 2007)
5th : Ang.5 (December 2007)
6th : 5th Season (September 2009)

Dramas :
2007 公主小妹 / Romantic Princess Mai Qiu Sui / 麥秋穗 / Huangfu Shan / 皇甫珊
2006 愛殺17 / Bump Off Lover Xu Yi Zhen / 徐宜真 / Xu Yi Jing / Xu Yijing / 阿CAT
2005 海豚愛上貓 / When Dolphin Met Cat Yingzi / 英子
2003 海豚灣戀人 / Love at Dolphin Bay Yi Tianbian / 易天邊
2002 MVP情人 / My MVP Valentine Tian Yu Xi / 田羽希

Angela’s Awards:
2004 2004年新城劲爆颁奖典礼: 新城劲爆新人王(海外歌手)

2005 第十一届全球华语音乐榜中榜
第12届中国歌曲排行: 最受欢迎港台地区歌曲奖
Singapore Hit Awards 2005: Nominated Best Female Vocalist
Taiwan Golden Melody Awards: Nominated Best Female Singer of the Year

2006 Taiwan Golden Bell Awards: Nominated for Best Actress

2007 Taiwan Golden Melody Awards: Nominated Best Female Singer of the Year
Singapore Hit Awards 2007: Won 最佳演绎女歌手奖
Singapore Hit Awards 2007: Won 舞台魅力大奖
Singapore Hit Awards 2007: Won 年度全方位艺人奖
Singapore Hit Awards 2007: Won Mary Chia 最佳专辑封面奖
东南劲爆音乐榜 2007: Won 港台劲爆最受欢迎女歌手奖
东南劲爆音乐榜 2007: Won 最佳金曲奖

Photo Gallery of Angela Zhang :
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