1. 에르윈 limpangog Hi 임 philiphines에서 당신을 사랑하는 임 감독의 팬들은 49일 I Love You So Much 임 12세 나를 찾을 수 있는 페이스북 limpangog tyipe 놓쳐버렸다””

  2. so cute……………….^_______________________^

  3. cute key and taemin+_____________________

  4. syahirah kpop lover

    i luv suju forever and ever…saranghae leeteuk oppa..

  5. Love U Taeyang

  6. gi kwang BEAST …. good man

  7. this group is very amazing .. sa rang hae SNSD kam sa ham ni da for letting me leave a comment :))

  8. i love korean very much

  9. daisy mae sumile

    I love you oppa jung ill woo,am your fan-..came from phiipines .i like your acting.and i hope that you can read this,

  10. saranghaeyo

  11. thiss ❤ .. .

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