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(Poll Result) Poll 3 : Who Will be The Brighter Group Music (Male n Female) in 2011 ?

Hai Guys…
Senang rasanya bisa kembali menghadirkan hasil Polling EastAsiaLicious ini. Beberapa waktu lalu, saya pernah membuat Polling mengenai, Siapa Grup Musik Korea paling bersinar di tahun 2011 ini. Dalam Polling ini, saya hanya ingin melihat perkiraan dan ekspektasi dari teman-teman pecinta boyband atau girlband negeri gingseng ini.

Oke, Let We See the result…!!!

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(Ulasan Singkat) Acara Jumpa Fans SS501 di Sangmyung University, Seoul

Pada tanggal 4 Desember yang lalu, dua orang personil SS501 menghadiri acara Jumpa Fans di Sangmyung University, Seoul. Dua personil SS501 yang hadir pada acara tersebut adalah Heo Yeong-saeng and Kim Gyoo-jong . Acara ini seperti acara reunian untuk para Fans dan juga personil dari SS501. Maklum, sejak pertengahan Juni tahun ini, SS501 lebih sering menjalankan karir solo mereka setelah kontrak dengan DSP Entertainment selesai. Saat ini Kim Hyun-joong ditangani oleh KEYEAST, Park Jung-min dengan CNR Media dan Kim Hyung-joon dengan S-Plus Entertainment.

Tapi walaupun begitu, dalam acara jumpa fans tersebut, Kim dan Heo mengatakan bahwa SS501 akan merealease album baru tahun depan.
We spoke with the other members last week regarding the album. Right now we think that it is important that each of us focus on our individual activities but we have talked about coming up with a new album next year“, begitulah Kata Kim. Dia juga menambahkan bahwa tanggalnya sudah ditetapkan.

Hari itu Kim dan Heo bertemu dengan lebih dari 1500 fans baik lokal maupun internasional. Fans yang datang pada acara tersebut dihibur dengan penampilan konser mini Kim dan Heo, tanya jawab serta pertunjukan video yang memperlihatkan kehidupan sehari-hari dan perjalanan dari SS501. Setelah jumpa fans di universitas Sangmyung selesai, mereka berdua akan melanjutkan acara jumpa fansnya ke beberapa negara lain di Asia termasuk Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore dan Jepang.

Foto-Foto Heo Yeong-Saeng and Kim Gyoo-Jong (SS510) Selama Acara Jumpa Fans @ Sangmyung University’s

Heo Yeong-saeng dan Kim Gyoo-Jong (SS501) bermain Gunting, Batu, Kertas)

Heo Yeong-saeng and Kim Gyoo-jong Meminum Softdrink di depan Para Fans

Heo Yeong-Saeng Membuat Sandwich

Penampilan Dari Kim Gyoo-jong Pada Acara Fan Meeting di Sangmyung University

Penampilan dari Heo Yeong-Saeng di Sangmyung University


Profile :
Gruop Name : SS501 (pronounced as Double-S 501 or Deo Beul E Seu Oh Gong Il (더블에스오공일) in Korean).
Member : Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Joong, Park Jung Min dan Kim Hyung Joon..
Agency : Daesung Entertainment (DSP Entertainment)
The name of the band is a combination of the alphabet and numbers that have special meanings in them. The first “S” stands for “Super” “Star” . The second “S” is an abbreviation for “Singer”. The number 5, 0, and 1 means “five members united as one forever”.

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Albums/Singles/OST’s: :
* Released: June 25, 2005
* Label: DSP Entertainment
* Sales: 28,586
* Tracks: 6 (경고, Passion, Never Again, Take U High, Everything, Everything (Instrumental).

Snow Prince
* Released: December 10, 2005
* Label: DSP Entertainment
* Sales: did not chart on MIAK
* Tracks: 5 (하얀사람 , My Girl, Snow Prince, In Your Smile, Fighter)

Volume 1 – S.T 01 Now
* Released: November 10, 2006
* Label: DSP Entertainment
* Tracks: #15 (Existence, Four Chance, Unlock, Again, Stand By Me, Sky, 겁쟁이, Man, Hana, Confession (서툰고백), Bye Bye, Radio Star, 세상의 날개, 경고 Remix Ver, Unlock (Heavy Edition Feat. 김세황) (Hidden Track)

Deja Vu
* Released: March 11, 2008
* Label: DSP Entertainment
* Sales: did not chart on MIAK
* Tracks: 3 (데자뷰 / Deja vu, 널 부르는 노래 , Destiny)

Mini Album – FIND
* Released: July 28, 2008
* Label: DSP Entertainment
* Sales: 18,825
* Tracks: #8
1. 너와 숨쉬다
2. 넌나의천국
4. 고맙다(vocal 현중)
5. 넌나의천국-inst.
6. FIND-inst.
7. 사랑해X5
8. 고맙다-accoustic ver.

Mini Album – U R Man
* Released: November 21, 2008
* Label: Mnet Media
* Tracks: #6 (WANT IT , U R Man, The ONE, 사랑인거죠 , Never Let You Go, I AM)

Mini Album – U R Man (Remix Edition)
* Released: January 9, 2009
* Tracks: 2 (U R Man (Remix) dan The One (Remix))

Mini Album – Collection
* Released: July 8, 2009
* Label: DSP Entertainment
* Tracks: #6
1. 제발 잘해줘 (Please, Be Nice to Me) [김현중; Kim Hyun Joong Solo]
2. 이름없는 기억 (Memory Without a Name) [허영생; Heo Young Saeng Solo]
3. Wuss Up [김규종; Kim Kyu Jong Solo]
4. 하면은 안돼 (If You Can Not) [박정민; Park Jung Min Solo]
5. Hey G [김형준; Kim Hyung Joon Solo]
6. 비겁하지 않겠어 (I Won’t Be a Coward) [Previously released in U R Man (Japan Ver. Edition)]

* Released: October 22, 2009
* Label: MNet Media
* Tracks: #5
2. Love Like This (네게로)
3. 하루만
4. Obsess (중동…)
5. 완.두.콩.

Boys Over Flowers O.S.T. (KBS TV Series)
* Released: January 8, 2009
* Label: Planet 905
* Tracks:
01 행복이란 – 김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)
02 내 머리가 나빠서 – SS501
04 애인만들기 – SS501

We Can Fly
* Released: June 12, 2009
* Tracks: 1 (We Can Fly)

Kokoro (Japanese)
* Released: August 1, 2007
* Tracks: 6 (Kokoro, Be a Star, Alice, Kokoro (instrumental), Be a Star (instrumental), Alice (instrumental)
Solo songs:
01 Hajimete Miru Sora Datta (はじめて見る空) (Heo Youngsaeng)
02 Here (Park Jungmin)
03 Hikari (光) (Kim Kyu Jong Solo)
04 RIZE UP (Kim Hyun Joong Solo)
05 Sayonara ga Dekinai (さよならができない) (Kim Hyunjun solo)

* Released: September 19, 2007
* Tracks: 4 (Distance ~ 君とのキョリ, Gleaming Star,Distance~君とのキョリ (Instrumental), Gleaming Star (Instrumental)

SS501 (Japanese)
* Released: October 10, 2007
* Tracks: 11 ( LIVE! , Distance ~ 君とのキョリ , 4Chance (Watch Game) , ホンとに好きだった , NO EXIT DAYS ,Again ,Boundless, Butterfly, Always And Forever , サンセット , Kokoro)

Lucky Days (Japanese)
* Released: June 18, 2008
* Tracks: 6 (LUCKY DAYS, Summer Blue, 君を歌う歌 , LUCKY DAYS (instrumental), Summer Blue (instrumental), 君を歌う歌 (instrumental)

All my love (Japanese)
* Released: May 13, 2009
* Tracks: 13 ( メッセージ, Mermaid…, I WANT YOU, LUCKY DAYS, Get along, Promise to Promise, Believe in Love, Let’s Break Away, Time of Destiny, LOVERS, 浅い夢の果て , トラベラーグライダー , All My Love)

* Step Up in Seoul, South Korea (2006)
* Step Up in Busan, South Korea (2006)
* Step Up in Daegu, South Korea (2006)
* Concert in Osaka, Japan (2006)
* Concert in Seoul, South Korea (2006)
* 4th Annual Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles, California, USA (2006)
* Concert in Tokyo, Japan (2007)
* Concert in Shanghai, China (2008)
* Concert in Tokyo, Japan (2008)
* Concert in Osaka, Japan (2008)
* Victory Concert in Los Angeles, California, USA (2009)
* 7th Annual Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles, California, USA (2009)
* 1st Asia Tour Persona in Seoul, South Korea (2009)
* 1st Asia Tour Persona in Tokyo, Japan (2009)
* 1st Asia Tour Persona in Taipei, Taiwan (2009)[8]
* 1st Asia Tour Persona in Shanghai, China (2009)
* 1st Asia Tour Persona in Hong Kong, China (2009)
* 1st Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok, Thailand (2010)
* 1st Asia Tour Persona Encore in Seoul, South Korea (2010)

SS501-Because I’m Stupid (OST Boys Before Flower) MV

SS501’s reality Shows and Documentaries
SS501 has had various reality shows and documentaries based on their personal and Idol lives.

* M!Pick by M.Net – Documenting pre-debut and three months after debut
* Thank You for Waking Us Up! (Hosted by Park Kyung Lim) – Documenting the sleeping habits of SS501 and the fun of waking them up
* Thank You for Raising Me Up! (Sequel to Thank You for Waking Us Up!) – SS501 raising Daengee, an abandoned dog
* SS501 KM Idol World – SS501 splits off into teams to complete challenges and missions with the people
* SS501 The Mission by MNet Japan – SS501 go on missions not only to learn Japanese, but to capture the heart of Japanese fans
* SS501 in USA – SS501 travels to California and Nevada for a photo shoot
* SS501 Japan Making the Band
* SS501 in Osaka – SS501 performing in Japan
* SS501 SOS by M.Net – SS501 helping people with serious problems as they unravel the mystery and investigate behind every story
* SS501 Stalker by M.Net – SS501 has a stalker on their hands that seem to know their every move
* Wonderful Day – SS501 spends a day out in the park playing games and having fun
* Infinity Challenge – A sports competition that puts SS501 against the MC’s of the show
* Reds Go Together – Documenting SS501 during the World Cup
* Boys Over Flowers (TV series) (supporting lead: Kim Hyun Joong) (SS501 sub-unit cameo, episode 4)
* Learn Korean with SS501! – A program behind the scenes SS501’s book in Japan that taught the teachings of the Korean language
* Heroine 6
* Hanbok – A show where participants go against one another in a series of challenges
* SS501 Romance Sky – SS501 are airline attendants for a day
* SBS Chocolate – A talk show
* SS501 Champagne – A talk show
* SS501 Super Viking – SS501 (except Park Jung Min) competed in a physical challenge across an obstacle course
* SS501 Real Story I Am – Arirang tribute to the SS501 story
* School of Rock – SS501 visiting and performing in schools
* Star Golden Bell – A variety show where different idols/stars come and answer questions through a series of games
* Strong Heart – Idols/stars come and share their heartfelt stories
* Let’s Go to School with SS501
* SS501 Sunny Side
* Quiz! Sixth Sense – A show where participants are split into teams and endure games of questions and answers
* Intimate Note 2 – A variety show along with their juniors, Kara
* SS501 Big Mama – SS501 goes through a pregnancy training to find out how hard it is to be a pregnant mother

Individual Reality Shows and Documentaries
Kim Hyun Joong
* Family Outing (Kim Hyun Joong eps 64-65)
* Boys Over Flowers – A successful drama
* We Got Married
* Haptic Mission – Participants compete through the Anycall job process to become the Anycall spokesperson
* X-Man
* Mischievous/Playful Kiss – A mildly successful drama with Hyun Joong as the lead male

Heo Young Saeng

Kim Kyu Jong
* Manwon Happiness – A show where participants try to live only using a certain amount of money
* Shopping King – Two idols go head to head in online shopping, buying what they think the contestant wants
* Seti – An online drama
* God of Cookery Expedition – Kyu Jong served as an MC; the show designed to taste some of the best recommended food
* Happy Together – Along with Kim Hyun Joong, a talk show on a set somewhat like a sauna

Park Jung Min
* SS501 Park Jung Min Onstyle Magazine What Women Want – Behind-the-scenes look at Park Jung Min’s world of fashion
* Human Theater 2 – A show with Jung Min as the main male lead acting out two options in a situation and what the consequences would be if he chose one over the over and vice versa

Kim Hyung Jun
* Kim Hyung Jun Becomes a Progamer (of Starcraft, produced by MBC Game) – Hyung Jun learning the secrets of gaming ss501 show show show : a reality show


Photo Gallery of SS501
Wanna See Picture of SS501 in Original Size? Just Click The Picture Below and You Can get the bigger Size of The Picture…^^

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