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Group Name : Fahrenheit (traditional Chinese: 飛輪海; pinyin: Fēi Lún Hǎi)
Active : 2005-now
Members: Aaron Yan, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen, and Jiro Wang.
Agency :Comic International Productions.
Label : HIM International Music in Taiwan, by WOW Music in Hong Kong and by Pony Canyon in Japan.

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Derived from the definition of Fahrenheit, each of the four members represents a season or temperature that corresponds with their different personalities. Calvin Chen represents spring, warm; Jiro Wang represents summer, hot; Wu Chun represents autumn, cool; and lastly, Aaron Yan represents winter, cold. Each of the four members also has his respective temperature represented on the Fahrenheit scale: Calvin Chen is at 77 degrees, Jiro Wang is at 95 degrees, Wu Chun is at 59 degrees, and Aaron Yan is at 41 degrees. Each of their temperatures are separated by 18 degrees.

Fahrenheit first gained minor recognition around late 2005 when their first altogether series, KO One, was broadcasted on television in Taiwan. Because it felt awkward to have only three members in a boy band. Wu Chun joined the group later in late 2005. On December 28, 2005, Fahrenheit officially became a vocal quartet boy band.

Wu Chun
Wu Chun is a Chinese who was born and raised in Brunei for most of his life, later graduating with distinction at RMIT, in Melbourne, Australia. He was introduced to the entertainment industry during a trip to Taiwan around mid-November 2005. A television producer discovered him during this trip, and recommended him to play the lead male role of Tokyo Juliet, which he accepted.

Aaron Yan
Aaron Yan was born in Taiwan, but moved to Connecticut, U.S at a young age. He later returned to Taiwan for high school and college. He attended the Chinese Culture University, majoring in Journalism but later switched universities and majors in his third year. He is currently on a study hiatus due to work commitments. Around early 2005, Comic producers had been searching for elite bloggers around the web. They discovered Yan, who, at that time, was really popular online, and thus recommended him to audition for a role in a drama. Yan thought it was a fraud at first, but after several tests, he realized that it was true. He was given a small role in I Love My Wife (安室愛美惠) and was later asked to be in It Started with A Kiss.

Calvin Chen
After Calvin Chen graduated from one of the top high schools in Taiwan, he further pursued his college education in Canada, where he completed his Masters degree in Economics at University of Victoria. He entered a pageant-like competition called Sunshine Boyz in Vancouver and won first place with a free ticket to Taiwan and a contract with a music company. Calvin Chen comes from a very traditional family, where his father, at first, disapproved of his career as an idol. It is rumored that Calvin Chen was going to be on “Guess Guess Guess” in 2001, because of getting first place in a singing competition, however, he had to return to Canada and therefore, did not attend the show. After returning to Taiwan, Calvin Chen further pursued a his education in a Taiwan university.

Jiro Wang
In 2000, Jiro Wang started to work after graduating from Taiwan’s Fu-Shin community college, and did part-time jobs wherever he could, such as commercial modeling. BMG, the label that signed him, planned to package him with Jay Chou and Jordan Chan to form a boy band called 3J, but because of 9/11, BMG’s stocks crashed and the 3J plan was scrapped. He later joined the army for 2 years, and came back around 2003. Since he was still popular around Taiwan, he was given two roles as a guest-star in Pawnshop No.8 (第 8號當舖) and I Love My Wife (安室愛美惠). Then Comic Productions approached him, and gave him the supporting role of Ah Jin (金元豐) in ‘It Started with A Kiss’. That was where he was grouped with Aaron, Calvin and Wu Chun.

Major concerts
Ever since Fahrenheit’s meteoric rise to stardom, HIM has been giving quite a bit exposure for Fahrenheit, such as promoting the group in two of S.H.E’s major concerts in Taipei, Singapore and Malaysia where they were seen performing their duet with Hebe as well as their own songs. Ever since their exposure had hit the Hong Kong market their company does not want to miss this chance for more promotion for the group and is currently organizing Fahrenheit’s first major concert in Hong Kong in September at the HKCEC. It was reported that they are originally going to hold a concert in Hong Kong’s renowned coliseum, Hong Kong Coliseum, but because all of the performances slots are full, they have to move their concert to a different venue. The director of WOW Music expressed that Fahrenheit is currently slated for performing in the HKCEC for two to three nights. In the winter of 2008 they will debut in the Hong Kong Coliseum.[7] as part of their All-Asia Concert. During their All-Asia press conference for the release of their second album in Hong Kong, it was revealed that plans for the All-Asia Concert were in the works. Confirmed concert stops include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Towards the end of October, Fahrenheit had their Fantasy Tour stop at Taipei Arena on 2 nights being 24 October 2009 and 25 October 2009.

Musical style
Fahrenheit’s songs mainly fall into the bubblegum pop and pop ballad category. However, songs like Teachable Child (孺子可教 Ru Zi Ke Jiao) and Love’s Arrived (愛到 Ai Dao) are intended for a light R&B approach. Songs similar to The Secret of Immortality (不死之謎 Bu Si Zhi Mi) and Superb (出神入化 Chu Shen Ru Hua) are leaning toward the pop rock and rap genre, where they displayed their ability to rap and harmonize well.

Their much anticipated second album, Two-sided Fahrenheit, was released on January 4, 2008. The new album saw the four employ more advanced harmonizing techniques as well as some progression from bubblegum pop to more mature ballads, such as Ten Thousand Joys (一萬個快樂 Yi Wan Ge Kuai Le). Nonetheless, the band’s youthful energy was retained in songs such as the opening song for the drama Romantic Princess, New Home (新窝 Xin Wo), which is a duet by Fahrenheit and their seniors S.H.E. On the album Little VIP (小小大人物 Xiao Xiao Da Ren Wu) is the Disney theme song for 2008.

Often criticized for the lack of character in their music, Fahrenheit finally moved towards carving a more distinct musical style with their third album, Love You More & More (越來越愛 Yue Lai Yue Ai) which features a new maturity that is brought out by rock ballads like the main track, Lonesome Sprint (寂寞暴走 Ji Mo Bao Zou) and Stay With Me (留下來 Liu Xia Lai), of which the latter was written by Monster, the lead guitarist of popular Taiwanese band, Mayday. The album also features Artery (動脈 Dong Mai), theme song of The Clue Collector (霹靂MIT), Shining Star (恒星 Heng Xing), theme song of Rolling Love (翻滾吧!蛋炒飯) and the ending song of drama ToGetHer (愛就宅一起) featuring Jiro and Rainie Yang, The Love of Silence (默默 Mo Mo). The album is completed by slower ballads that showcases the quartet’s improved vocals and chemistry in harmonization.

After 20 months from the third album, Fahrenheit’s fourth album, Super Hot (太热 Tai Re) was released on the 17th of September 2010. This album’s musical style is more to dance tracks such as Super Hot (太热 Tai Re) and Sexy Girl. Guardian Star (守护星 Shou Hu Xing) is dedicated to all their fans for supporting them for 5 years and also the opening-theme for the drama Love Buffet . Cherish Your Heartache (心疼你的心疼 Xin Teng Ni De Xin Teng) is a slow ballad. Going On My Way (活得更像我 Huo De Geng Xiang Wo) is a combination of two Taiwanese Hokkien songs (收酒矸) and (酒矸倘卖无) in a rock style. Their fourth album also features Very Quiet (很安静 Hen An Jing), the ending-theme of drama Momo Love (桃花小妹), Mistake (误会 Wu Hui) the ending-theme of the drama Love Buffet (爱似百汇) and Rebirth (新生 Xin Sheng) the opening-theme for the manga BLEACH (死神).

1st, Fahrenheit (飛輪海 首張同名專輯)
2nd,Two-Sided Fahrenheit (双面飛輪海)
3rd, Love You More and More (越來越愛)
4th, Super Hot (太熱)

Repackaged editions
* October 12, 2006: Fahrenheit: First Self-Titled Album, Wild Day Out Special Edition (飛輪海首張同名專輯 帥酷神迷影音超值版)
* November 27, 2006: Fahrenheit: First Self-Titled Album, Final Collectible Edition (飛輪海首張同名專輯 王者魅力終極私藏版)
* March 23, 2007: Fahrenheit: First Self-Titled Album, Top Celebration Edition (飛輪海首張同名專輯 至尊慶功版) – Mainland China Limited
* April 24, 2007: Fahrenheit: First Self-Titled Album, Spring Limited Edition (飛輪海首張同名專輯 春日別注限定版) – Hong Kong Limited
* November 21, 2007: Fahrenheit: First Self-Titled Album (飛輪海首張同名專輯) – Japan Limited
* February 1, 2008: Two-sided Fahrenheit, Asia No.1 Edition (双面飛輪海 亞洲全勝慶功版)
* January 23, 2009: Love You More & More, Champion Celebration Video Edition (越來越愛 冠軍慶功影音雙碟版)
* September 17, 2010: Super Hot, Normal Version
* September 17, 2010: Super Hot, Night Version
* October 29, 2010: Super Hot, Radiant Edition – ([ SUPER HOT ] 熱力四射精裝盤)
* October 29, 2010: Super Hot, Radiant Limited Edition – ([ SUPER HOT ] 熱力四射限量豪華盤)

1st Stay With You (飛輪海首張日文單曲)
Track List :
1. “Stay With You”
2. “Atarashii Su” (“新窩” [New Home] Japanese version)
3. “Stay With You” – Instrumental
4. “Atarashii Su” (“新窩” [New Home] Japanese version) – instrumental

2nd Treasure (飛輪海第二張日文專輯)
Track List :
1. “Treasure”
2. “Kimi Ni Yumenaka” (“愛到” [To Love] Japanese version)
3. “Treasure” – Instrumental
4. “Kimi Ni Yumenaka” (“愛到” [To Love] Japanese version) – Instrm.

3rd Only You (飛輪海第三張日文專輯)
Track List :
1. “Only You”
2. “Deja u wo Mitsumeteru” (“恆星” [Shining Star] Japanese version)
3. “Only You” – Instrumental
4. “Deja u wo Mitsumeteru” (“恆星” [Shining Star] Japanese version) – Instrumental

Concert DVD
* January 8, 2010: Fahrenheit’s Fantasy World Tour Taipei Special (飛輪海想入飛飛演唱会旗艦場)

Soundtrack contributions
1st KO One Original Soundtrack (終極一班 電視原聲帶)
1. Wandering Alone (一個人流浪) (Insert song)
2. “Teachable Child” (孺子可教) (Insert song)
2nd Tokyo Juliet Original Soundtrack (東方茱麗葉 電視原聲帶)
1. Only Have Feelings For You (只對你有感覺) – feat. Hebe Tien (Insert song)
2. To Own (佔有) (Insert song)
3rd Hana-Kimi Original Soundtrack (花樣少年少女 電視原聲帶)
1. Really, Really Like You (超喜歡你) (Insert song)
4th The X-Family Original Soundtrack (終極一家 電視原聲帶)
1. Superb (出神入化 Chu Shen Ru Hua) (Opening)
2. Will Not Love (不會愛 Bu Hui Ai) (Ending)
3. You are All My Memories (你是我所有的回憶) – Calvin Chen’s solo
4. Willing to Not Love You (願意不愛你) – Aaron Yan’s solo
5. The Side with Water (在水一方) – Jiro Wang’s solo
5th Romantic Princess (公主小妹)
1. New Home (新窩 Xin Wo) feat. S.H.E (Opening)
6th Rolling Love (翻滚吧!蛋炒饭)
1. Shining Star 恒星 (Opening)
7th Mysterious Incredible Terminator (霹雳MIT)
1. Artery 動脈 (Opening)
8th ToGetHer (爱就宅一起)
1. Love You More and More 越來越愛 (Opening)
2. Silently 默默 (Ending)
9th Momo Love (桃花小妹)
1. Live In Peace 很安靜(Ending)
10th Love Buffet (爱似百汇)
1. Guardian Star 守护星 (Opening)
2. Mistake 误会 (Ending)

Other songs
1st C.C. Lemon Commercial Song C.C. Lemon
2nd 米奇节目嘉华 ‘Little VIP (小小大人物 Xiao Xiao Da Ren Wu)
3rd Mengniu Yogurt Commercial Song Sweet & Sour (酸甜 Suan Tian)” feat S.H.E
4th Taisun Xian Cao Mi song Do Re Mi
5th Taiwan Tourism Bureau Theme Song
(台湾观光局日韩地区代言主题曲) Touch Your Heart
6th Coca-Cola Shanghai Expo Theme Song
(可口可乐2010年上海世博会主题曲) 快乐节拍123
7th Coca-Cola New Year Theme Song
(可口可乐2010新年主题曲) 第一口的快乐
(死神) (Only in Taiwan) Rebirth 新生 (Opening)

* 2006-now: Master Kang’s 3+2 Crackers (PRC)
* 2006: Heme: Man Simple (Taiwan)
* 2006: Honey-Fruit and Vegetable Juice (Taiwan)
* 2007: OraLabs Ouboshi SPF15 Vanilla Flavored Chapstick (Taiwan)
* 2007: 7-11 – with S.H.E (Taiwan)
* 2007-2008: C.C.Lemon (Taiwan)
* 2007: Cadanro (PRC)
* 2007: Taisun Freeze (Taiwan)
* 2007-2008: Taisun Xian Cao Mi (PRC)
* 2007-2008: Ai Lian Jin Shi (Taiwan)
* 2007-2008: Hong Kong Disneyland: Mickey’s Summer Blast (Hongkong)
* 2007: Watsons Water (Hongkong)
* 2007: Watsons Water (PRC)
* 2008-now: Mengniu Yogurt – with S.H.E (PRC)
* 2008-now: Canon (Malaysia)
* 2008: Gatsby (PRC)
* 2008-now: Taiwan Tourism Bureau
* 2009-now: ALT Clothing Line (PRC)
* 2009-now: Yeli Clothing Line (PRC)
* 2009-now: Coca-Cola (PRC)

* TVB8 Awards, Best Group Award: Bronze
* HK Metro Hits Awards, Best Foreign Newcomer
* 2006 Sprite Awards, Taiwan Region: Most Popular Act Award
* 2006 Sprite Awards, Best Duet Award: Only Have Feelings For You (只對你有感覺 Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue)
* 2006 Sprite Awards, Best Group Award
* KKBOX Music Charts, Top 20 Singles of the Year : Only Have Feelings For You (只對你有感覺 Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue)
* KKBOX Music Charts, Best Drama Soundtrack: Hanazakarino Kimitachihe Original Soundtrack (花樣少年少女 電視原聲帶)

* HITO Music Awards 2007, Best Male Group
* TVB8 Awards, Top 13th Song: Really, Really, Like You (超喜歡你 Chao Xi Huan Ni)
* Canada Chinese Radiostation Music Charts: Best Newcomer (Group)
* HK Metro Hits Awards, K-Music Charts: Only Have Feelings For You (只對你有感覺 Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue)
* HK Metro Hits Awards, Best Group: Twins, Fahrenheit
* Singapore Hit Awards, Top 10 Songs of the Year (933醉心龙虎榜 年度10大金曲): Love’s Arrived (愛到 Ai Dao)
* Singapore Hit Awards, Courts Best MV (Courts 最佳音乐电影): Love’s Arrived (愛到 Ai Dao)
* Singapore Hit Awards, Most Popular Newcomer (最受欢迎新人奖)
* Singapore Hit Awards, Most Popular Act of the Year (年度人气大奖)

* 2008 Roadshow Awards, Best Chinese Group
* HITO Music Awards 2008, Most Popular Group
* HITO Music Awards 2008, Best Drama Soundtrack: Hanazakarino Kimitachihe Original Soundtrack (花樣少年少女 電視原聲帶)
* KISS APPLE Love Songs Chart #1: Thank You for Your Gentleness (謝謝你的溫柔 Xie Xie Ni De Wen Rou)
* Mengniu Music Awards 2008: Fei Die Award
* SINA Music Awards, Best Group
* IFPI Hong Kong Album Sales Award, Top 10 Best-Selling Albums: Two-Sided Fahrenheit (双面飛輪海)
* IFPI Hong Kong Album Sales Award, Best-Selling Album: Two-Sided Fahrenheit (双面飛輪海)

* 2009 Sprite Awards, Taiwan Media Recommendation Award
* 2009 Sprite Awards, Asia Pasific Region: Best Group
* 2009 Sprite Awards, Hong Kong and Taiwan Region Top Song: Existing For You (为你存在 Wei Ni Cun Zai)
* 2009 Sprite Awards: Best Performer Award
* 2009 MusicRadio Top Charts, Hong Kong and Taiwan Region: Most Popular Group
* 2009 MusicRadio Top Charts, Hong Kong and Taiwan Region: Most Popular Group on Campus
* 2009 MusicRadio Top Charts, Best Song: New Home (新窝 Xin Wo)
* 2009 MTV Music Festival Awards, Taiwan and Hong Kong Region: Most Stylish Group

* 2010 Sprite Awards, Hong Kong and Taiwan Region Top Song: Love You More and More (越来越爱 Yue Lai Yue Ai)
* 2010 Sprite Awards, Taiwan Media Recommendation Award
* 2010 Sprite Awards, Taiwan and Hong Kong Region: Best Performer Award
* 2010 Sprite Awards, Asia Pasific Region: Best Group
* 2010 MusicRadio Top Charts, Hong Kong and Taiwan Region: Most Popular Group
* 2010 MusicRadio Top Charts, Taiwan and Hong Kong Region Most Played Song: Love You More and More (越来越爱 Yue Lai Yue Ai)
* 2010 MusicRadio Top Charts, Taiwan and Hong Kong Region Top 10 Hits: Love You More and More (越来越爱 Yue Lai Yue Ai)
* IFPI Hong Kong Album Sales Award, Top 10 Best-Selling Albums: Love You More and More (越来越爱)
* 2010 Mengniu Music Awards: Best Group
* 2010 Mengniu Music Awards, Most Played Song: Love You More and More (越来越爱 Yue Lai Yue Ai)

Photo Gallery of Fahrenheit
Wanna See Picture of Fahrenheit in Original Size? Just Click The Picture Below and You Can get the bigger Size of The Picture…^^

FAHRENHEIT, Melakukan Terobosan Baru di Album Baru

Popularitas Fahrenheit di Asia memang tak perlu diragukan lagi. Setiap karya yang mereka lempar ke pasaran selalu laris bak kacang goreng. Kini mereka kembali menelurkan sebuah karya baru, album bertajuk Super Hot. Seperti karya-karya sebelumnya, Fahrenheit selalu memberikan yang terbaru dari diri mereka, dan di album ini menjanjikan sebuah “perubahan” yang akan memanjakan mata dan telinga para fans.

Sejak terbentuk tahun 2005 Fahrenheit terus produktif. Baik tampil sebagai penyanyi, berakting di layar perak, ataupun tampil di variety show. Memang setiap individu pasti berbeda, namun sebagai band mereka sangat solid, seperti halnya senior mereka grup pop cewek S.H.E. Fahrenheit yang digawangi oleh Aaron si “pretty boy”, Wu Zun si tukang makan, Calvin yang optimis, serta Jiro yang pekerja keras, meski pribadi mereka berbedabeda satu sama lain, tak dipungkiri kemanapun mereka pergi mereka selalu terlihat kompak. Dan di album teranyarnya, Super Hot, mereka menampilkan bakatnya sebagai individu dan sebagai sebuah band.

Wu Zun menuturkan produser albumnya Bing Wang menggunakan video musik Super Hot untuk menampilkan gerakan tarian Fahrenheit yang penuh repertoire. Sementara itu pemenang Golden Melody Award, Ah Di Zai membantu boyband Taiwan ini dalam produksi albumnya, sementara untuk liriknya ditangani Chen Wei. Kontribusi dari “orang-orang top” dipastikan akan meningkatkan daya jual album Fahrenheit.

Source : asiangrup, asianplus

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